Summer is upon us. The kids are out of school and surprisingly, it’s been an entire week and they haven’t murdered each other in cold blood. As for me, I am in the middle of preparing my petition for the entire human race to stop referring to it as Summer “Break”. The only thing breaking around here is my sanity.

What does a disabled, working mother of 2 do to keep her kids busy over the summer?

I wish I had all the answers for you. It’s not like I can just throw on my 2-piece and head to the pool for a day’s worth of cannon balls and sunbathing. Public pools are not what we would call “accessible in any way”. So here are the few things I have found to keep the kiddos busy this summer.

1. Pokémon Go. 

I know it sounds ridiculous, but we all play. Literally, the entire family. We drive or walk around looking for those adorable little critters for HOURS. We’re a pretty competitive family, so it gets intense. So far, we’ve refrained from any pushing, shoving, or hair pulling. Great success.

2. Splash pad

Our local pool has a splash pad that the kids can run around in. The good thing is they love it and I don’t have to worry about them drowning in front of me. So, we save the pool for grandma and beat the heat on solid ground.

3. Local concerts and festivals

We are lucky enough to have a fully accessible concert venue one town over. They do free concerts each week and during the summer, something is always going on there. Check your local community calendar and make some phone calls inquiring about wheelchair accessibility.

4. Sporting events

Luckily, most stadiums/arenas these days are wheelchair accessible. My advice to you is don’t buy your tickets online. Many places hold accessible tickets so they aren’t purchased by people who don’t need them. Call the venue and see what their policy is on exchanging regular tickets for accessible ones. Generally, you can purchase any ticket and bring it to the box office on the day of your event to swap it for the seating you need.  Be careful  though…there is usually a limit on how many people in your group can swap tickets.

Hopefully, this list gave you a few ideas of how to keep your littles busy before they decide to rebel and tie you to a chair with duct tape over your mouth. Don’t forget about arts & crafts…and maybe some child labor. Most kids will do anything for $5. That includes laundry.

Bribery is a mother’s best friend. You’re welcome and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

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