Here I go again…

I really hate getting into political or religious views on here, but I find myself hoping I can use this platform as a way to explain (or apologize for) the actions of a handful of people and create a different view for anyone who is unsure of Christianity because all they hear are the negative stories of people who aren’t exactly living their lives the way the Bible has taught us to. So, I give to you…yet another post about religion. Buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

(DISCLAIMER: My beliefs are my beliefs. If you don’t share them, that’s ok. The world is full of all kinds of people and I accept/respect them all…as long as you’re not an a-hole.)

I think a lot of times these days, Christians as a whole get a bad name because of what they believe are “sins”. The Bible is pretty clear…and we’ve all read it from a young age. It might shock you to hear this, but I believe every single word in the Bible. I do not pick and choose which sins are good and which are bad based on my lifestyle. I believe that on my day of judgement, standing before God while He judges me for sinning even though I knew full well what I was doing will likely be one of the most unbearable pains I’ve ever experienced. My husband and I lived together for 4 years before we were married. Clearly, the premarital sex didn’t go unnoticed. And my language…well, go ahead and check the box next to Commandment #3 on the list of things I’ll be judged for. Heck, while you’re there, check #4…and #s 8-10. Yeahhhhh…I know.

But guess what will happen after I stand before God for all the sins I committed? Get ready for this…He will forgive me.

No matter how we disappoint Him, we’ve been promised that we are forgiven and loved. God isn’t going to bring us up there and put us on different levels based on our sins. He isn’t going to say “Sorry…your sin was bigger than the rest. You can’t sit with us.” If we love Him and we confess our sins to Him, we are forgiven.

So why do so many people choose to judge and persecute others for their sins? That isn’t a right that God has given us. As a matter of fact, 1 Peter 4:8 says “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” ABOVE ALL. As in, MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

I recently discovered that someone I care about is a lot less loving of their fellow humans than I thought. It’s a struggle to know how to deal with this. Do I just wash my hands of this person and the relationship we’ve built over many years? Or do I give them the same love and acceptance that God has given me through all my sins? I am an extremely open-minded individual…I literally just try my best to love everyone, regardless of the things they do that are considered sins in the eyes of God. Because God told me to do that. I trust that He will sort us all out when our time comes…and that it’s not my job to attempt to do it now. And to be honest, the moment I realized that was the moment the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. This is what God wants for us. Love, happiness, and to spread it everywhere we can to show others what He is really all about. We don’t have to do His job…we just have to do ours. Above all.

So, if you’re unsure about Christians because of the actions of a few…please know that God didn’t set us out to hate or judge anyone. And the people who do will have to stand before Him one day and confess all of that. Know that you are loved and that if you need to feel that, so many wonderful people are ready to show you.

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