About Candi


Who am I?

My name is Candi and I’m a 26 (that’s a lie…I’m 36.) year old wife and mom from Northeast Ohio. After sustaining a spinal cord injury from a car accident at 17 years old, I decided that life would go on. Its not easy, but I wouldn’t trade being me for anything in the world!

In my spare time (lol…spare time.) I love taking romantic scrolls on facebook…by myself, taking 100 selfies for Instagram and usually deleting 101, reading books and watching movies that are still somehow probably rotting my fully developed adult brain, watching sports, and hanging out with my terribly attractive husband and children.

I wanted to do this blog and podcast to help others like me get through all the tough, crazy, funny, good, bad, and just plain weird times that come along with having a disability. I always say “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.” and that is how I live my life!

Why “Roll Model”?

Because I like to think I’m hilarious, that’s why.

I truly don’t see myself as any type of role model. If you’re following me as one, I’ll just apologize now for whatever situations I get you into…I’ll get your bail, I promise.

But tell me that play on words isn’t clever. You can’t.



1 thought on “About Candi”

  1. Hi I came across your podcast after seeing a comment you made about vehicles parking to close. 🙂 I love your podcast ! I have several friends that have lost mobility through war, accidents or old age and you have given me insight into what day to day life can be like for them. THANK YOU !! Debbie


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